Do you have a problem with Setup Sync or your account and need support? Please first read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to see if your problem can be resolved.

If the FAQ did not help, you can contact me:
iRacing forum thread support
Email support

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive my confirmation message, where can I find it?

After registering for an account, your confirmation message should appear in your iRacing Private Message inbox. It will not be sent by email!
Please check your PM inbox.

If there is no message in your inbox please check the following:

To resend a new confirmation message, visit your Manage Account page and click the 'Send new confirmation' button.

I got an error during account confirmation. Is my account confirmed?

Most likely your account was confirmed after all regardless of the error. To check if your account is confirmed, please visit your Manage Account page and check your account status.

I accidentally uploaded a setup I did not mean to share, how do I remove it?

You can delete your setups from the list of setups in the Setup Database. Please make sure you are logged in. For setups that you uploaded, a 'Delete' link should be visible on the right side.

Someone else uploaded my setup without my consent, how do I remove it?

You can delete any setup, even those uploaded by others, via the Setup Database. Please make sure you are logged in. Find the setup in question in the list and click the 'Delete' link. For setups you did not upload yourself, you must specify a valid reason for deletion (in this case: "this setup was uploaded without my consent").

Note: do not abuse this feature (e.g. deleting setups without valid reason), or your account will be terminated. Note that setups deleted in this way are never truly deleted, they are merely made inaccessible and can be restored by an administrator.

Setup Sync is crashing or I am getting an error popup, what do I do?

Please follow the instructions on the error message dialog to open the log file. Scroll to the bottom for the latest log entry. Focus on the first few lines of the error and see if you can find the error in the following list with instructions:

Error: "1 is not a supported code page":
This issue occurs when installing an update. It is related to your Windows language / input settings. Please go to your Regional settings and change the default language to US/English and then try again. If that does not work, try another language. You can change it back after the update has finished installing.

Error: "The specified table does not exist. [ Laps ]":
Error: "The database file is corrupted, possibly due to a file system issue.":
Your local Setup Sync database has been corrupted and needs to be rebuilt. Please follow these instructions:
1. Navigate your Windows Explorer (not internet) to this address: %localappdata%/NickThissen/SetupSync
2. Find and delete the file "db.sdf"
3. Restart Setup Sync. Please allow a few minutes to rebuild the database

Setup Sync downloaded a setup which failed to load or "failed tech" in iRacing.

Please distinguish the following two cases:

  1. The setup can be loaded onto the car, but you cannot use it because the garage says "Failed Tech".
    This most likely means your setup is an old setup, and the car has since been updated. You can usually "fix" the setup by tweaking the parameters until it is valid again, however keep in mind it is most likely not a very good setup anymore. It is better to focus on more recent setups if possible, for example by filtering your download settings to only the most recent season or by including the season name in the setup name format and picking only recent setups.
  2. The setup cannot be loaded and iRacing gives an error message.
    This likely means the setup was incorrectly uploaded for the wrong car. There is nothing you can do, the setup will not work.